Advantages of WordPress as a Content Management System:

  • Easy to edit content - Once the website is developed, the WordPress back-end allows customers to make many changes without knowledge of HTML or other programming languages. New pages, blog posts, images, products, and existing content can be added, edited or deleted through a relatively easy-to-use back-end system. This can save customers time and money because changes can be made without involving the web developer. Also, WordPress uses a web-based content management system, so your site can be updated from any computer with an internet connection, as long as you have the valid login credentials.
  • Cost-effective - Many professional themes and plugins are available for WordPress that can reduce the time and money to build certain types of websites.
  • Search engine friendly - WordPress utilizes clean and simple code that's easily indexed by search engines. Pages and posts can be customized to include unique meta-tags to improve search engine visibility.
  • Scalable - WordPress is great scalable platform for website development. The platform can support website with hundreds or thousands of pages without sacrificing performance.
  • Version control - The WordPress back-end allows you to keep track of who's making changes to what pages. You can also revert to previous versions of a page using the WordPress back-end
  • Multiple users - As a WordPress administrator, you'll be able to set up multiple users for your site with varying permissions depending on the needs and responsibilities of each user.

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